Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

BM 6620

on August 19, 2015


Boundary Microphone

To be used with FD 6xxx Series Front Plates and in flush mounted customized units.

Product Details

The BM 6620 is a low-profile omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone designed to fit into the flush mounted conference units in the DIS DCS 6000 Digital Conference System product portfolio. The boundary microphone is suited for applications where the microphone has to be less visible compared to traditional conference microphones. The BM 6620 is designed for clear, highly intelligible sound reinforcement, professional recording and teleconferencing. It features an RF shield that protects the microphone from RF interference. The BM 6620 is available for retrofit in the standard flush mounted units FC 602xF and FD 612xF by replacing the XLR socket with the boundary microphone in the plastic adaptor. The molex mini connector fits with the microphone connector on the PCB. It can also be ordered (customized) for other FC/FD and FC/FD 6xxxF units and delivered mounted in the units. Works with the DCS 6000 System only.


  • Omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone with 360º pickup angle
  • Low-profile microphone capsule
  • High-quality sound reinforcement
  • RF Resistant
  • Isolators for providing mechanical dampening of mounting-surface vibration
  • Standard fitting for FC 602xF and FD 612xF
  • Custom fitting for all DIS DCS 6000 flush mounted units