Midas PRO6 adds golden touch to Abu Dhabi

Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises, exclusive distributors of Midas and Klark Teknik products have sold the UAE's second Midas PRO6 digital live audio system. The customized system includes the PRO6 control surface, the DSP engine, two XL8 microphone splitters, a XL8 IO module and the Neutrik fiber optic digital snakes.

The customized system has been supplied to MTP Productions who have installed the equipment in the Raha Theatre in Abu Dhabi, for their events and is being primarily used for the Million's Poet competition which is broadcast live from the venue. The Million's Poet competition is the biggest Nabati poetry competition with a staggering grand prize.

This deal makes it the fourth Midas digital console sale by NMK in the region, where the list includes a PRO6 in a Qatar theatre, a PRO6 and the XL8 to two separate rental firms. The Midas PRO6 Live Audio System is the second networked digital audio system from Midas. Employing technologies developed from the class-leading XL8, the PRO6 offers the same exemplary sample - synchronized audio performance in a compact package.

"We are proud to have both the Midas brand and the PRO6 system associated with such a prestigious venue and event, the configuration of the system has been developed in such a way that any future requirements can easily be entertained," commented Richie Hiranandani, Marketing Manager.